Axe & Sledge Elbow Grease

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Elbow Grease is a joint health formula to protect your joints from all the strain of lifting, running, and more training techniques. With joint health ingredients like zinc, manganese, which have been found to strength joints and decrease inflammation, an


Axe & Sledge's Elbow Grease contains several clinically studied ingredients that will help the biggest gym junkies with their optimal joint health & maintenance. Let's break it down:

Vitamin C: Protects cells from free-radical damage. Vitamin C builds & maintains collagen & connective tissue for faster joint support. 

Vitamin D: Builds & maintains strong bones while aiding in calcium absorption. It also helps prevent Osteoporosis. 

Chondroitin Sulfate: This ingredient is part of the connective tissues found in cartilage & bones. It reduced pain & inflammation & improves joint function while slowing down the progression of Osteoarthritis. 

Boron: Has the ability to help keep the skeletal structure strong by adding to bone density, preventing Osteoporosis, treating conditions like Arthritis & improving strength & muscle mass. 


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